Wiring made easy - WireAPP

The WireAPP is an interface to wire all available WireUP products and things appropriately and effectively. It is therefore your central controlling tool and as an all-in-one platform provides for tangible IoT worlds. This is the crucial advantage, as the user can connect brand- and product-independently for the first time. That’s why we offer the Open Standard from WireUP in the app-architecture. For everything, everyone, everywhere.

How it works – WireUP your life!

Step 1

You have products that with an IoT setup offer added value for target groups and that are equipped with the tiniest chips of the latest generation.

Step 2

Every product is IoT-enabled as soon as a WireUP license is retrieved and activated. You define in advance what functions and sceneries should be at the user’s disposal.

Step 3

The user eventually brings all the desired items together via the WireAPP by creating so-called “wirings” in the app. WireAPP – Coming soon!

Step 4

Every wiring offers a new added value. The number of wirings solely depends on how many IoT-enabled products are available in your surroundings and what user sceneries are preinstalled from the manufacturer.

Step 5

Finally, every user has an individual, tailormade WireUP MESH network which is arbitrarily expandable, interconnective, backend-independent and which offers 100 % data security. So, everyday procedures will be automatized and your customers have more time for things, that really matter.

More details are following.