The World becomes a network

WireUP is an enterprise that is not only dedicated to the development of an extraordinary software solution for the field of IoT. The challenge was to find a reliable digital answer to the following question: How does a software need to be designed so that significant market barriers and isolated solutions to current IoT standards are disintegrated? We have a future-oriented answer: The WireUP Operating System.

Today's Standard

The future with WireUP



Multi-brand compatible and interconnected! We connect everything with everything, endlessly extendable, based on an all-in-one solution.


Simply clever! Every manufacturer can practically turn everything directly and cost-effectively into IoT. Our WireAPP manages the experience, you apply the logic.


WireUP is client and server in one. Once left a logic for your items, they communicate with each other in the MESH Network. Whether you are on Times Square, on the Atlantic Ocean or in Serengeti Park.

The Operating System

The WireUP Operating System (OS) is for everybody, everything, everywhere! That’s what makes us special. WireUP OS is the first real operating system for the Internet of Things.
WireUP OS can be installed on the tiniest chips of the latest generation (e.g. equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy). Thanks to its resource-friendly technology and its sophisticated coding, it is slim, energy-efficient and quick!
Our patented software architecture (patent pending) registers immediately new things in your surroundings. The patented licensing system tells the agent of the device whether it belongs to its family. The user eventually links all the desired items with each other via the WireAPP.

IoT gets real - Your benefits

Good Bye Centralization.
Every potential WireUP product is both server and client. WireUP OS offers the basis for this. As soon as a chip is IoT-enabled and equipped with WireUP OS, it recognizes every new item, connects itself and exchanges information. The desired scope of service of every single chip will be defined by “logic bricks”. The most important sceneries will be defined in the standard version. As a result, everything can connect with everything. What was backend again? Bye bye centralization.
Security by Design.
Everybody practically carries the MESH net-based solution always and everywhere with him. With a “mini-MESH” in headphones, mobile phones, bicycle or car keys, depending on the plans of the day or on the connections in the Mega-MESH, by moving in public spaces. MESH establishes stability from product to product. The greater the amount of connections, the securer. The self-sufficient MESH modules each have an SSL coding and consequently create a decentralized storage network.
Your choice.
Your user can decide whom to entrust with his data. Ideally himself and this is new. WireUP OS has the potential to create myriads of point-to-point connections. Free from cloud connections, backend charges and expensive provider contracts. The costs are low and previous market entry barriers dissolved. As an option, the cloud user can connect WireUP items without limitations.
Win Win no matter what.
IoT means „networking“. The architecture of WireUP OS is intended to dock to all IoT-enabled products, to connect them with the Internet and let them communicate. This enables colossal possibilities for companies, industries, public institutions, as well as museums or private households.
The only requirement to be met for every single connection is up to you. You need products or things capable of IoT, that are equipped with WireUP OS and that communicate with this USP in the future. Your customer assumes control via the WireAPP.
Everything. Everyone. Everywhere.
WireUP OS defines its connection service via an open standard. With this, the solution guarantees cross-brand compatibility, unlimited utilisation possibilities of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and radio networks, the integration of all social media and public worlds, as well as the elimination of all market entry barriers.
Price needs an answer.
IoT is already in the pipeline for many companies but still linked with too high investments. Lacking capacities is a further factor that is mentioned often when consulting about the development of IoT-enabled products. WireUP is your solution. WireUP satisfies. Contact now our sales team for a detailed consultation.


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