Miles away from home

It’s a good feeling when automatization and intelligent communication are possible even if there’s no internet connection. Several devices on board are equipped with WireUP and are consequently both client and server. They recognize each other thanks to a patented licensing system. They are wired with each other non-stop and exchange pieces of information. For your safety, for your comfort – managed via WireAPP.

Smart days

Sun, warm feet and coffee first thing in the morning? Open your eyes! WireUP has already done everything for you.
We reinvented smart home. As of now, any item can be integrated into Smart Home solutions – regardless of its brand, without Internet or cloud, cost-effective and 100 % secure. WireUP anything. You have an item that is waiting for the right IoT-solution? What is your vision?

Intensive Experiences

If a ball or a running shoe is IoT-enabled, a whole new dimension of news is created.
The speed of the ball, the flight angle of the penalty and the rapidity of the athlete are directed immediately to the smartphone on the south stand or home on your couch. The integration of items is at any time expandable - without any limits. Secure and reliable at all times. The user himself decides via the app what he wants to see.

Share the game

How high does a helicopter fly? What is picking up more speed, a frisbee or a football? And what information do I want to share with my friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? Designing your own gaming environment, creating your own IoT networks, playing, endeavouring, trying out and sharing experiences instantaneously – WireUP offers you unlimited possibilities. Every network is designed individually, because the user himself decides, which items shall be integrated and with whom they are shared. WireUP connects everybody and everything, everywhere. Which IoT networks could fill your customers with enthusiasm?