WireUP OS offers one hundred percent brand and product independence and is currently the most innovative solution to develop the enormous potential of daily used things, make IoT-enabled products and generate own innovations. WireUP OS is designed to be the key to a world of connected things being part of IoT and as its innovation driver.

Your new IoT Team

You are a manufacturer and need a team for the IoT setup of your products? We deliver the know-how and support you with the development of an IoT-enabled product until its market entry.

Your new Technology

You belong to the product development team of a company and are now looking for a barrier-free IoT solution to redefine your products and launch them on the market quickly? We provide you with the software architecture.

Your new Business

You are a marketer of innovative software solutions and are looking for the perfect IoT answer for your customers? We have it for you.

Your Innovation

You are already on the market with an IoT-enabled product and are looking for a manufacturer-independent technology that attracts new customers and facilitates B2B-relationships?

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