WireUP - The Beginning


The founder Chris Bentley gave the decisive impulse for the creation of today’s business WireUP thanks to his own personal life experience. As a result, the search for a software solution with a completely novel approach began. Things that accompany us should communicate with each other in a cost-effective and intelligent way. Brand- and product-independent. He then laid the foundation of today’s software solution WireUP OS, inspired more developers and meanwhile an entire team with his approach.

WireUP - The Team

Experts on innovation course

At the moment about 20 WireUP members – amongst them visionaries, developers, experts in legal issues, strategists, economists, sales manager, entrepreneurs, marketers, programmers and creative minds from diverse nations – pool their know-how for the advancements of innovative IoT standards. The majority of the team has been working on software solutions in the field of IoT for more than a decade in leading companies of the sector. The approach Chris Bentley, WireUP’s founder and strategist, had back then, invariably enthused everybody. The team grew and keeps on growing – we are totally wired-up.

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